Woodworking Adhesives

Products covering most aspects of woodworking available, including general joinery work, laminating, edgebanding, membrane pressing and profile wrapping.

Water Based Adhesives

Fast Setting, Moisture Resistance to D2 and D3 and upgradable to D4. Products for General assembly, Decorative Laminates. Hardwood chair manufacture, Dowelling etc.

Hot Melts

Based on EVA or polyurethane and used for edgebanding. Hot Melts with different working temperatures to suit all speeds of machine. Products with high heat and moisture resistance available.

UF Resins

Urea Formaldehyde Resins - traditional adhesives for the woodworking industry. Hot and cold press application.

Reactive Polyurethane

Applied at room temperature and cured by moisture in the atmosphere. Open time can be varied by use of water. General purpose for bonding metal, wood and plastic.

Solvent Based

Adhesives Brushable and sprayable for decorative laminates. Adhesives for hot or cold spray systems, High heat resistance. Post forming.

Animal Glue

Low Odour, medium gel strength pearl glue for traditional woodworking, conservation and restoration work.

Also available, epoxies, cyanoacrylate and activators - ask for details of our Azobond Blaster Kit for mitre bonding etc

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