Construction & Architects

A wide range of adhesive products is available for construction, covering such diverse applications from the assembly of machinery to the erection and construction of buildings and fittings.


Rapid and slow cure epoxies for use in general assembly and the erection and construction of buildings and fixings. Pastes for locating plates and pins and for the retention of bolts, screws and fixings. Rigid setting, skimming systems for the eradication of joint movement - these can be trowelled, brushed or injected into position. Compounds for the repair of mortar flooring systems, joints, cracks etc.


Products available for use in general assembly, the erection and construction of buildings and fittings. Single part polyurethanes for the repair and structural bonding of fabricated sections to themselves and dissimilar materials.

Water Based

Water based systems available as admixes for plaster, concrete, paint. Wood bonding, fixings etc.


Products to lock and seal nuts, bolts and threaded components such as hydraulic fittings, to ensure that they are tamperproof or, that they maintain a constant setting. Anaerobics also available for use as jointing compounds for gasket and flange fittings where ease of use and speed is required.

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