Leisure & Fancy Goods

Lampshades, Leisure, Loudspeakers, Luggage, and Fancy Goods

Water Based

Products for leather and wood, jewellery pads and boxes, display boxes, headdresses, artificial flowers, fabrics including silks and synthetics, velvet. Lampshade trimming, hat lining. Loudspeaker cones, surrounds, dustcaps, damping etc.

Benefits include, non-staining, fast setting, easy clean properties, brush, roller and wheel applied - some products can be screened. Handling difficult surfaces such as OPP, UV varnish, acetate, PVC, foil etc.


For bonding leather, suede, fabrics, polyurethane, flexible and rigid PVC, ABS, polyester, solid rubbers, metals. Pond liners, wet and dry suits. Loudspeakers, lampshade trimming. Available flammable and non-flammable, brushable and sprayable.

Hot Melts

Paper and board bonding, wood, fabrics etc where speed is essential and the substrates are not heat sensitive.


Rapid and slow cure, twin-pack systems for Jewellery manufacture, loudspeakers etc. Will bond metals and metal alloys, natural stone, ceramic materials, glass, china and porcelain. Wood, leather, paper and textiles.


Toughened structural acrylics with a set time of 5 minutes, capable of providing very high bond strengths. High impact and temperature resistance, flexible adhesion. Bonds metals, plastics, ceramics. Will also bond oily surfaces. Widely used by jewellery manufacturers, dental technicians, Loudspeaker manufacturers and many other industries where bond strength and resilience is required.


A complete range of cyanoacrylate adhesives is available for the fast bonding of metal, plastic and rubber, wood, leather, paper and many other substrates.

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