The Adhesive Brokers Azobond 900 series is a range of cyanoacrylate adhesives offering speed, strength, versatility and ease of application.

Chosen to meet high tech application demands, the Azobond 900 adhesives have the ability to bond metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, leather and many other substrates to themselves and each other.

We can offer products geared to specific requirements, including a wide range of viscosities and special chemical types - our technical people will be pleased to help with any particular application you may have.

As an adjunct to our cyanoacrylate adhesives, we supply a selection of accessories to facilitate application and these include needles, tubing, specialised primers, debonder, and rapid set activators for post and pre cure of cyanoacrylate adhesives on most plastics, metal, wood etc.


Toughened structural acrylics with a set time of 5 minutes, capable of providing very high bond strengths. High impact and temperature resistance, flexible adhesion. Bonds metals, plastics, ceramics. Will also bond oily surfaces and gives good chemical resistance.


Rapid and slow cure, twin-pack epoxy systems for bonding a variety of substrates including metals and metal alloys, natural stone, ceramic materials, textiles glass, china and porcelain. Wood, leather, paper and textiles.

Water Based

A selection of water based adhesives are available, including products for timber, paper and board, including some difficult surfaces, such as OPP laminate, UV varnish, acetate etc. Water based contact adhesive - a safe alternative where solvent based adhesives are a problem in the workplace.


For bonding leather, suede, fabrics, polyurethane, flexible and rigid PVC, ABS, polyester, solid rubbers, metals. Available flammable and non-flammable, brushable, sprayable and aerosol.

Hot Melts

Paper and board bonding, metal, plastics, wood, fabrics etc. where speed is essential and the substrates are not heat sensitive.


A range of tapes, including, double-sided, very high bond strength, permanent and peelable tapes and pads. We also have many specially formulated adhesives for specific applications - contact us to discuss your requirements and we shall be very happy to recommend on an individual basis.

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