Cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-part acrylate adhesives that cure instantly on contact with mated surfaces through a reaction with surface moisture.

Cyanoacrylates are often called super glues.

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  • high strength
  • excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, especially plastics


  • Poor shock or impact resistance (brittleness)
  • poor gap filling abilities

Rubber or elastomer modified cyanoacrylates and accelerators have overcome some of these problems. 

When selecting between cyanoacrylate adhesives look at viscosity, initial set time, gap fill, tensile strength (UTS), and temperature.  Viscosity is a measurement of a fluids resistance to flow.  Depending on the application method, the viscosity controls the amount of cyanoacrylate adhesives dispensed onto a surface.

Working, assembly or initial set time

Working, assembly or initial set time is the amount of time an adhesive, sealant or cement can be applied and repositioned or removed before extensive setting or curing and results in hardening of the bond joint. After this time, further movement or assembly adjustments would be difficult and possibly damage the finished bond.

Gap fill

Gap fill is the spacing or gap between the substrate that the cyanoacrylate adhesive can accommodate and still maintain a functional, full strength bond.

Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)

The ultimate tensile strength is the amount of applied stress required to cause failure in a control specimen of the material under tensile load conditions.

Use temperature

Use temperature is the range that the cyanoacrylate adhesive can be exposed to without degradation of structural or other required end-use properties.

Various types of dispenser

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are available in various types of dispenser, each of which provides distinct advantages for specific applications. These include gels, liquids, and pastes.  Gel cyanoacrylate adhesives are more run resistant during application. Liquid cyanoacrylate adhesives can be used to fill deep gaps more effectively than other adhesive forms, however, they have a higher likelihood of flowing beyond the desired application area requiring greater clean-up potential.  Paste adhesives are very resistant to running, but greater force is required to dispense and spread the adhesive paste on the surface. Paste adhesive may contain high filler content.

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Adhesive Brokers Limited do not accept and liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of these products. Customers should satisfy themselves by appropriate trials that each product is suitable for its intended use.


Cyanoacrylates / Super glues & Activators

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